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Common Annuity Shopper Questions

Annuities can provide an excellent investment opportunity for a variety of investors, both big and small. Yet, first time annuity shoppers can have any number of essential questions that should be answered before purchasing an annuity. What is an Annuity? An annuity is a contract that is purchased and made between the investor and usually […]

Should I Buy a CD or an Annuity?

Comparisons are often made between annuities and Certificates of Deposits (CDs). Yet there are stark differences between the two, which can have a profound impact on the investor’s finances. A CD is issued by a banking institution or credit union whereas an annuity is issued by an insurance company. A certificate of deposit allows the […]

What are the Benefits of Annuities?

There is no doubt that, over the years, annuities have had their critics. “Too expensive;” “Too inflexible;” “Too illiquid;” are among the criticisms that planners and pundits have laid on a financial product that has helped usher millions of people into a safe and secure retirement. While annuities do have expenses, and they do have […]